ISAG is a multidisciplinary group of scientists, academics, and researchers advocating for an evidence-based pandemic response and progressive elimination of SARS-CoV-2.

ISAG (the 'Independent Scientific Advocacy Group') was founded independent of government by Anthony Staines (DCU), Gerry Killeen (UCC), and Tomás Ryan (TCD) in June 2020. Our members are volunteers who discuss the COVID-19 science that underpins our governments’ response strategies. ISAG offers the Group’s expertise and experience to work together with governments and the public.
Vaccines+ Strategy

ISAG's Vaccines+ Strategy outlines what is needed to reduce transmission, the key tenets being Prevention, Vaccination and Control.

This includes adequate ventilation and HEPA filters in congregated settings to reduce transmission.

Back to School

Read and review ISAG's 2021 published recommendations regarding the reopening of schools.

Christmas 2021 Statement

Read our December statement which outlines action needed to protect ourselves, our families and health service from Covid-19.
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